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Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations

What to Do About Credit Reporting Abuses or Violations

Credit information affects more of your life than you might realize. When your reported credit information is inaccurate, the effects can be disastrous. In addition to lowering your credit score, inaccurate information regarding past and present debts can prevent you from taking out new lines of credit, among other painful consequences.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act exists to protect consumers like you. However, consumer rights are still sometimes violated, which is unlawful and harmful for the people on the other end of such violations. There are a few tell-tale signs that you may be suffering as a result of a Fair Credit Reporting Act breach:

  • Inaccurate information in your credit report
  • Calls or other contact from creditors about debts you have already paid off
  • Calls or other contact from creditors whose debts were discharged during bankruptcy
  • Remaining inaccurate information that you have requested be corrected

Defending Your Rights as a Consumer Since 1998

Attorney Kevin Ryan has personally served thousands of clients in all sorts of legal matters pertaining to tax issues, bankruptcy, real estate, probate, and more, and he is also prepared to help you fight back when your credit information is abused or mishandled. Matters pertaining to credit and credit rights can often be complex and difficult for individuals to resolve on their own, which is why Ryan Legal Services, Inc is here to walk through it with you.

We care about your well-being and our entire team is committed to achieving a positive outcome on your behalf. If you are suffering as a result of inaccurate credit information, our Alabama credit lawyer is here to serve you.

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