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Business Debt Collections

Experienced Collections Lawyer in Baldwin County, Alabama

Attorney Kevin Ryan has served thousands of people in your shoes and helped many people resolve their debt collection challenges. At Ryan Legal Services, Inc, we are here to help you prevent your debt collection matter from becoming worse than it needs to be.

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Commercial Collections & Breach of Contract

Two parties establish a contractual relationship when they exchange products, services, or money. You may agree to provide service for a client or another business but have trouble getting them to pay up. Not only can it put your business in a tight spot if a client or commercial partner is evasive or refuses to compensate you, but it can amount to a breach of contract.

Sometimes, going after a client or business for breach of contract packs a heavier punch than sending yet another reminder of their outstanding balance. If you have made phone calls, sent bills, and utilized other debt collection methods but had no success, you may need to take more aggressive legal action in order to force the other party to compensate you for your work.

Business Collections on Clients

Like it or not, you will probably have to follow up with a client at some point about their failure to pay an outstanding balance. This dynamic is much different and dealing with individuals can be a great deal more challenging (and frustrating) than communicating with another business. However, it is absolutely key that you remember not to engage in unlawful debt collection methods.

Crossing the line into potentially unlawful debt collection practices can ultimately harm your business, especially if a client takes legal action against you for violating the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Here are a few things to remember when seeking to collect payment from clients:

  • Avoid harassment. Calling clients or other debtors before 9am or after 5pm without their consent is considered harassment, as are using violent, profane, obscene, or highly aggressive language and failing to disclose your identity when calling them. Making repeated calls during the day and threatening to disclose the details of their debt to a third party also constitute harassment.
  • Send snail mail. Keeping a complete, written record of all your correspondence with a client will be very important if you end up needing to take legal action against them. In addition to making regular phone calls and keeping a log of all conversations, mail various letters demanding that they pay their debt.
  • Be willing to work with the client when possible. Sometimes clients evade or delay payment because they are experiencing legitimate financial hardship. Clients with money problems will often opt to pay none of the debt owed, rather than pay an amount smaller than the total debt. When making demands doesn’t work, it may be wise (and save you a lot of hassle) to work with the client to come up with a repayment solution that works for them.
  • Legal counsel is essential. Getting a second opinion from someone who is acquainted with consumer protections, bankruptcy laws, and your possible legal solutions is key when trying to recover a debt owed. If you accidentally overstep your bounds when seeking to collect, you could lose the amount owed and end up with an expensive lawsuit on your hands. Don’t let this happen to you.

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