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Can I Apply to Modify my Mortgage Loan?

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If you are behind on your mortgage payment ( for your personal residence), go to and initiate a telephone consultation with a HUD mortgage counselor. Your mortgage servicer may have contacted you concerning an application to modify your loan, but if the loan is owned by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, the U.S. Veterans Administration, etc, then starting at this website in my experience with clients is the best source of information and offers the best chance for a resolution. Ask about the H.A.M.P. Program and whether you are eligible. Every loan has a tracking number and they will be able to determine whether a U.S. government agency, or U.S. backed quasi government/corporate agency ( like Fannie Mae) owns the rights to the loan. If you have questions concerning your financial situation, an issue with a creditor, an issue with delinquent taxes, foreclosure, or any questions about bankruptcy law, please call me, I'll BE there for you. -Kevin Ryan, Attorney at Law.
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