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How Do I Start a Bankruptcy Case ?

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Initial Office Consultation

A bankruptcy case should always start with a confidential meeting with a bankruptcy attorney. This is commonly referred to as an initial office consultation. At our firm, we will send out to every prospective client a Document Checklist and a New Client Information Worksheet Client Tools Page . The items listed on the document checklist may not all be applicable to your particular situation, but you should go down the checklist and mark off these items one by one Of primary importance to every case are your last two (2) years federal income tax return forms as filed with the Internal Revenue Service and your pay stubs for the past six ( 6) months. You can obtain a transcript of your federal income tax returns for free at the following website: IRS Tax Return Free Transcript

Document Checklist

During the initial office consultation, we will review all of the documents you have brought in off of the Document Checklist. If you have filled out the Client Information Worksheet, we will go through all of the information on that worksheet together to make sure everything is covered in detail. Your preparation of these documents will accomplish two important goals. First, the completion of the information worksheet and checklist will jog your memory about information you may not otherwise recall at the initial consultation. Second, this preparation work will get you ready for the meeting of creditors which will be scheduled in your case. A thorough review of your information prior to the initial consultation will make the process move forward faster, and will assist your attorney in the preparation of the documents that have to be filed in every bankruptcy case.

Creditor Information

It is very helpful in any bankruptcy case for the client to make a complete list of the names, addresses, account number and approximate balances owed for every creditor. In addition to the primary creditor information, the list should include the name and address of any collection company or law firm that is collecting on the account. If you have received any legal documents such as a Summons and civil complaint, Notice of Judgment, Notice of Wage Garnishment, foreclosure notices from your lender, etc, please bring this information to the consultation. You can get a free copy of your credit reports here: free credit reports .

Case preparation is one of the most important aspects of any bankruptcy case. The more informed you are about the necessary information related to your case, the better the experience you will have in your matter.

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