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Can a Bankruptcy Help Me Avoid a Drivers License Suspension or Reinstate My License?

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In Alabama, filing for bankruptcy typically does not directly reinstate a suspended or revoked driver's license. Driver's license suspensions or revocations are usually related to issues such as unpaid traffic tickets, DUI convictions, failure to maintain proper auto insurance, or other traffic-related violations. These issues are generally not directly resolved by filing for bankruptcy.

If your driver's license was suspended due to property damage or an injury caused by a motor vehicle accident where you were at fault and where you did not have auto insurance, you can most likely get your license reinstated upon receiving a discharge of that debt in a bankruptcy case. Chapter 7 would be the most appropriate option in this instance because you can get a discharge in as fast as 90 days from the filing of the case. The accident cannot be the result of driving under the influence or an intentional criminal act. It is important to discuss the facts of your case with an attorney experienced in Bankruptcy Law.

If your driver's license was suspended due to unpaid traffic tickets or fines, filing for bankruptcy may help by discharging or reducing these debts, making it easier for you to pay them off and eventually reinstate your license.

Ryan Legal Services can help you to determine if a bankruptcy filing is the right option to reinstate your drivers license.